Day To Day, Glycemia

Day to day: rice

The one thing that I’m still not entirely happy eating is rice. Pasta, wheat, and everything else doesn’t spike me much anymore. But rice keeps my blood sugar high for a long time.

For example, the other night I ate a big bowl of rice and vegetables with breaded “chicken” (wheat since I’m vegetarian). So a nasty combination of rice and wheat in several forms. Before I was post-diabetic I would never have considered eating that menu.

The effect was a fairly high glycaemia for several hours.

It’s really just before the 4 hours mark that my levels started to go down properly. So we’re looking at a 5 hours effect on my body for that bowl of rice.

Of course, “high” here doesn’t mean dangerously high. It only means higher than I’d like to be. I never reached 140mg/dl. So technically speaking I was within the normal non-diabetic response. But it is by far the worst reaction to any kind of food I eat now. I rarely go much above 120mg/dl these days.

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