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Fight diabetes: why do I feel sleepy?

Glucose is essentially toxic for your body. It uses it for energy, but free-floating glucose stresses and damages cells. It also interacts with other products to make it worse. The resulting effects are varied from cell death and gangrene in extremities, to neuropathy. When your bloodstream is full of glucose, your body tries to store it…

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Basics, Day To Day

Basics: you are your diabetes

The same way you need to accept early on that your diabetes is you, you you’ll need to accept that you’re your diabetes. For a lot of people around you, it will become what defines you. They might not be aware of many people affected by the condition (mostly because…

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Basics: not a monster

A lot of people refer to their diabetes as a “monster”. The app I use to track my glycemia and everything I do does so too. I guess it makes sense to see it that way when you’re diagnosed: you have received the news that you have a life-threatening condition…

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Basics: manage expectations

Like for all activities that will take time, managing diabetes requires you to manage expectations. The worst thing you can do is set aims you can’t possibly achieve or that make your life so hard, you give up. It’s one thing to give up going to the gym, it’s another…

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