Day To Day

Day to day: the potato experiment

As I’m now tracking remission, and I’ve already reintroduced pasta and rice into my diet, I’ve experimented with potatoes. We used to have potato wedges and burger on Friday dinners. Tradition at home for many years. So today we tried it again for the first time in about 10 months.…

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Day To Day, Recipes

Day to day: a day in my food

Here is another day of my food and blood glucose readings. I started with a normal breakfast: 2 eggs and black coffee. But then I remembered that, as I’m now eating more normal food, we get croissants from time to time. So I then had 2 croissants. Yummy. Big breakfast…

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Basics, Glycemia

Basics: diabetes and stress

So you’ve switched your diet to a proper human diet with low carb, you do your daily exercise, and you were hoping your blood glucose levels would go down fast. But they seem to resist and stay up. One other factor in onset of diabetes and then high glycaemia is…

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