I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the end of May 2022. It was as a result of a routine blood test and checkup.

I had some experience with diabetes because one of my cats, Fleas, had been diagnosed with diabetes several years earlier. It was bad enough that he couldn’t climb the stairs anymore without being out of breath. At the time, the vet had prescribed daily insulin injections. At first small ones, then gradually larger ones. It hadn’t made sense to me to blindly inject massive amounts of insulin into my cat, so I had started looking around to learn about cat diabetes and how to to treat it. I eventually found a great community of diabetic cat owners who were implementing the tight regulation method developed by Dr Hodgkins. That method made sense to me and the community was very supportive. After 3 weeks my cat was freely moving around again, and in 2 months I had stopped insulin injections completely and he was back on his normal food.

So knowing that, learning I had diabetes was more of a challenge than a disaster. My GP prescribed Stagid (aka Metformin) once a day at first, then twice a day to control my glycemia. But, with the experience of my cat, we knew the key to living with diabetes is diet. So we changed my diet completely: out all carbs (no sugar, no wheat, no rice, no bread). We researched what foods had what impact on blood sugar. I read “The glucose revolution“, “The diabetes code“, “The end of diabetes“, “Mastering diabetes“, and “Reversing diabetes” to understand the glucose and diabetes mechanisms and get some tips. Then I moved on to reading all the medical research I could get my hands on. From all that, we devised a diet with a double purpose: lose weight fast without starving myself, and control glycemia. My wife Melanie was a major contributor and she designed my diet very successfully.

Fast forward 6 months, I’ve lost just under 40kg, my glycemia has been normal for the last 5 months (in fact my GP wants me to increase it since as a diabetic I should have a higher average than my 5% HbA1c), I’m off all medication, and life is working well. So I decided that maybe we’ve done something right and we could share our experience.

I’m not selling anything. I’m not one of these many “coaches” you see all over the internet. I’m not benefiting financially from this blog. You’ll see no ads anywhere (I host this on my own servers), no goods and no services for sale here. I’m relaying my experience in case it is useful to others.

Also, I’m not a doctor. I have no medical background. I’m not giving advice. I simply tell what worked for me.

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