Basics: phase 3

Now that my HbA1c has been stable for 8 months without any medication, I consider that I’m entering phase 3 of treatment.

Phase 1 was weight loss, glycaemia control, increasing insulin sensitivity for 6 months. During that time, my HbA1c went from 7.5+% to 5.0%, I lost 40kg, I fixed my fatty liver, high liver iron, high blood pressure, and various other issues.

Phase 2 was the reintroduction of a normal diet over a couple of months under close monitoring for 6 months to test post-diabetes status. Only large amounts of rice make me go up just above 130mg/dl, the rest doesn’t phase my body much. Even my mum’s apricot tart (with full on sugar) only makes me spike at 124mg/dl. Having never tested by glycaemia very closely before diabetes onset, I can’t compare to how my body used to react.

Phase 3 is maintenance. Only weight monitoring is important in that phase as we know that significant weight increase most likely will bring back diabetes. That phase has no end.

In consequence, I’ve started monitoring my blood sugar less often, about 6-8 times a day instead of 10-15. I watch what I eat less closely, but still eating a lowish carb, human-suitable diet (pasta, rice, wheat only once in a while, no sweets, rare pastry). I’m keeping the same exercise regimen because it’s good for me.

I might experiment with specific kinds of food once in a while, but I don’t really need to care anymore.

2 thoughts on “Basics: phase 3

  1. Hi, congrats on your progress, really inspiring! I’ve recently started reading your posts and they’re really helpful. Not sure if you covered this but, do you avoid all fruits? also, do you still use sugar with your coffee? I see the word sugar on your coffee consumption icon.

    1. Hi there,


      Yes, I avoid all fruit. The problem with fruit is that they give you glucose and fructose. Both have sensibly the same effect on the body, but there is no home test for fructose. So when you eat some fruit and you see a glucose spike, there is an even larger fructose spike behind it you don’t see. Fruits aren’t good for diabetics.

      I don’t use any sugar in my coffee or in anything. I tend to use Stevia when I need something. It seems to be the best, as far as I could find out.

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