Day To Day, Glycemia

Day to day: reintroduction of pasta

After having reached normal levels of glycemia at all times and 3 months without medication (potential remission) we started to reintroduce foods I haven’t had for 9 months. Yesterday was pasta’s turn in the form of my wife’s mushroom pasta bolognese.

As pasta is starchy, I was expecting a long spike an hour or so after dinner. Instead I got 2 spikes: one fast at 30 minutes, and another slower and longer at 1.5 hour.

I suspect the first spike was sugar (possibly from the cheese). The second spike, which was delayed, was probably starch from the pasta. I hadn’t pre-loaded because I wanted to see the full effect on me.

After 2 hours, even though the starch spike hadn’t subsided completely yet but the curve being oriented downward, I went running to accelerate things and bring my glycemia below 100. My body’s reaction was very mild and well within normal: anything below 140mg/dl at 2 hours is considered normal. A few months ago I would have spiked at 150-160mg/dl or more.

I’m happy with this response. It confirms that my body is responding normally to carbs.

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