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Tips: sucralose is evil

When I looked at artificial sweeteners, I had earmarked sucralose as the worst of the bunch. It had been linked to increase in glucose levels, increase in insulin levels, and an 18% increase in insulin resistance. So I ruled it out as a usable sweetener. I can now confirm that…

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Basics, Day To Day

Basics: motivation

I see a lot of people saying they can’t find the motivation to make the efforts fighting their diabetes would require. I think part of it is that the consequences of diabetes are often disconnected from the disease, both in effect and in time. It’s for example not entirely obvious…

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Basics, Glycemia

Basics: the “clean” diet

I saw someone recently complain that they had a “clean diet” but after meals they felt bad and nauseous. It’s surprising because for a diabetic, it’s usually when you eat badly that you feel bad, not when you have a “clean” meal. So after asking what the “clean diet” was,…

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Day To Day, Recipes

Day to day: a day in my food

One of the things we used to eat before I was diagnosed was bread and cheese for dinner about once a week. Very simple: slices of bread with melted cheese on top. My wife adds barbecue sauce, but I’m not that keen on it. First, breakfast, which is often eggs…

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