Day To Day, Glycemia

Progress: 1 year anniversary

This is the first year anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. To celebrate, I had a quarterly blood test done this morning.

The results are in: fasting sugar 86mg/dl, HbA1c 5.4% (down from 5.44% the last time). So, everything is still good, post-diabetes is sticking as expected.

Below is a graph of all my data over the last year: daily average glycaemia (blue, left axis), daily amount of exercise (grey, in minutes, left axis), Hba1c (yellow, converted to mg/dl, left axis), and weight (orange, right axis).

On the way:
– Fatty liver: fixed (echography).
– High liver iron: fixed (blood test at 3 months).
– High uric acid in blood: fixed (blood test at 3 months).
– High blood sugar: fixed (before first HbA1c test).

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