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Day to day: Easter chocolate

Easter without chocolate is no fun. But being diabetic, it’s something you essentially need to give up and have a no fun Easter. So this year, I ran an experiment: what happens if I eat chocolate?

The chocolate was 25g of Lindt dark chocolate Easter bunny (half an ear). The easter bunny contains 36% carbs, of which 29% sugar. It’s much better than the milk chocolate version, which contains 56% carbs, of which 54% sugar. Always prefer the darkest chocolate.

But let’s not be stupid, let’s try to manage it. So my strategy was to first have a Buddha bowl, for dinner.

That way, I could load on fiber that would slow down sugar absorption. To help a bit more, 1 hour after the start of dinner, I went for a 25 minutes walk. I therefore started, primed with fiber and low on blood sugar at 92mg/dl.

The result is a slight increase of my blood sugar at +10mg/dl (which includes the rebound after walking) and a flat line after that for the next 2.5 hours. In essence, no significant effect!

So the good news is that Easter chocolate is possible with T2 diabetes. But it needs to be managed to avoid any damage.

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