Recipe: Buddha bowl

Trying to eat your greens can feel like a chore, it’s the end of the week and you’ve not been shopping, and your belly needs filled but the veg tray is a bit sparse. Time for a buddha bowl! This is a concept that took hold in Canada in the 2010s. A single vegetarian meal consisting of little portions of different components. The great thing is there are no hard and fast rules as to what you put in it, you can make it what you want.

The above photo is from the the summer and consists of (left to right) cut cucumber, feta cheese and mint, red pepper and veggie chorizo, avocado and tomato and basil. Fresh, bursting with flavours and it’s great for the blood sugar.
This bowl was served when my vegetable stores were running on fumes, and it was a small courgette spiralised with fried onions (pre-made from the shop), avocado, fresh tomato from my garden and so ripe and juicy I serve it with just a small amount of salt, feta with dill, fennel bulb with sesame seeds and a big tablespoon of puy/green lentils.

I kinda went nuts with the veggy “meat” products early in the summer of 2022, this bowl was avocado with poppyseeds, shredded romaine lettuce, red pepper, carrot and fennel coleslaw with prawn/shrimp tofu with a sprinkling of smoked paprika. I seem to remember it had lemon vinegar on the lettuce.

Finally this bowl is really a bit of a salad, rather than a buddha bowl, but does consists of the same ingredients I normally use for the bowls; avocado, baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella with the lovely crunchy onions. It has a splash of balsamic vinegar which goes with the mozzarella so well. Always remember that protein is super important in these dishes, you want them to feel like a meal, this can be done with adding a small amount of beans, avocado (which I obviously love) cheese, tofu and nuts/seeds. Go mad with your choices, you’ll enjoy it. Check out mozzarella salad blood sugar data below.

The effect on glycemia was well contained, with a small increase of +12mg/dl at 30 minutes or so.

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