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Day to day: a day in my food

Another day of my food with associated numbers.

For breakfast, like most days, 2 eggs and a coffee. I miss my eggs when I change my menu.

I took my blood pressure in the morning and got 114/81. Fairly good. It goes up a bit with stress.

Then for lunch, I had avocado and (cold) pasta salad. Since I’ve reintroduced pasta in my diet, I have it sometimes. But always in reasonable quantities.

Mid-afternoon, my wife brought me her latest experiment to make healthy crisps. She used up leftover egg wraps (essentially crepes) that she baked until crisp in the oven. It works quite well.

Then for dinner, I had diabetes friendly leek quiche. The base is made of chickpea flour and butter (180g of flour and 60g of butter makes 4 mini ones). It behaves exactly like a normal quiche base.

For desert I had “chocolate” (0 sugar, 0 calorie) strawberries. One of the rare times I have fruit.

Finally, later on, because it’s now quite hot I had homemade frappuccino.

Overall, my glycaemia was well controlled during the day.

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