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Basics: alternative sweeteners and diabetes

You can read a lot of things about alternative sweeteners. According to some people, some will cause cancer, some will make your sugar levels spike, even induce T2 diabetes. What does science say about it?

In conclusion, to me Stevia seems to be the most suitable for diabetics. Aspartame and Saccharin are probably ok too but have been linked to more side effects. Honey and sucralose have been linked to adverse effects for diabetics.

What is important to note however is that many foods that are labeled sugar-free and contain artificial sweeteners might contain other ingredients that will make your glycemia spike (e.g. wheat or even sugar).

It is also important to note that the simple ingestion of sweet-tasting substances has been shown to have an impact on insulin secretion. It wasn’t the purpose of this post since all sweet-tasting substances could be concerned, but it’s an interesting bit of information.

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