Basics, Day To Day

Fight diabetes: lose weight

I’m an engineer, but I also have a doctorate. Which means I approach problems from two points of view: how does it work and what does it mean (the doctor in me), and how do I fix it with minimal effort and most elegance (the engineer in me). So when…

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Day To Day

Fight diabetes: breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not just my grandmother that says it: studies have shown that the right breakfast sets the tone for the day. As a diabetic, breakfast has 2 aims: fill you up so that you’re not hungry before lunch (snacking is a…

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Day To Day, Glycemia

Basics: listen to your body

As you get used to controlling your glycemia, your body starts to get used to living with its new levels of blood sugar and you get more attuned to the signs of an abnormal variation. In my case, when my blood sugar goes above 130mg/dl, I get a dull headache.…

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Day To Day, Tips

Track everything, all the time

One of the things I put in place from day one is to track everything.If you don’t know what’s happening, you can’t progress and you can’t keep yourself accountable. As a diabetic, one very important thing to track is your glycemia. You can’t know how your body behaves if you…

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