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Fight diabetes: snacks

At some point, it’s inevitable, you’ll be hungry between meals. There can be many reasons for it: insufficient meal (you can be too hardcore in your diet), exercise, or just you feel like eating because you had a bad day. You shouldn’t be, but we live in the real world and things aren’t perfect.

As a diabetic, you can’t rely on the usual snacks: they would make you spike between meals, and could keep your blood sugar high for most of the day. They will ruin the whole day for you.

When it comes to snacks, you need to make a choice: diabetes or weight loss. There won’t be satisfying snacks that will be good for both (sorry, but crunching on a branch of celery or broccoli doesn’t do it for me). Facing that choice, I always choose diabetes because it is the main problem and it has the most impact. I can delay weight loss by a day, I can’t put diabetes on hold.

One great thing you can eat for a snack is nuts of all kinds. They’re low in carbs, but high in fats and for some also in proteins. So they’ll be satisfying to eat (your body looooves fat) and they taste great (because nuts). You have to be careful on the quantities, though: a handful is ok, a whole bag isn’t. I normally try to limit to a small handful.

For me, a typical glycemia curve after nuts ingestion is as follows:

Very little effect is visible, even like in this case, with no exercise or countermeasures.

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