Basics: effect of food poisoning

It’s not an experiment I would have wanted to run, but as it happened, i thought I might as well keep an eye on what was going on.

Yesterday, immediately after lunch I started to feel queasy. About 20 minutes later, I was vomiting my lunch. I was sick for about an hour until I felt well enough to go lie in bed for the rest of the afternoon, with a one hour nap in the middle.

What’s interesting is that it made my glycaemia go up even though I had no food left in my stomach and I hadn’t had time to digest any of my lunch. I’m guessing this is due to stress hormones (cortisol?) that made my liver release glucose in the blood just in case it was going to be needed to run away from a bear.

For most of 8 hours, my blood sugar was above 115mg/dl, most of that time above 120mg/dl. It’s only when I started eating a bit of fat (cheese and nuts) that it started to go down.

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