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Fight diabetes: it’s not a competition

In this age of 24 hours a day social media interaction (unless you’re like me and don’t use twitter, instagram, or tiktok), it’s tempting to compare yourself to people online. Don’t.

First of all, your journey is unique. It depends on the stage of your condition (how advanced it is and how resistant you are to insulin assuming you’re type 2), your starting body conditions (weight, fitness, hormones), and even the time of the year. No two people will start from exactly the same point. So comparing yourself to someone else means comparing apples and pears: it’s meaningless.

Secondly, your body will not react the same way as somebody else’s to the same conditions. We’re just different individuals. So expecting your body to do the same as Roger from Facebook doesn’t make sense.

Thirdly, people go online to lie. They want to show a version of their life that isn’t real to make themselves feel good. People will exaggerate their success and how easy or hard things are for them depending on the reaction they’re looking for. When they don’t entirely fabricate them. You have no reason to believe that what you read is true. Comparing yourself to a fictitious person makes no sense and will only end up making yourself feel bad.

Finally, and the most important: your journey with diabetes is yours and yours only. You’re doing what you’re doing to manage it for yourself. That’s the unique and ultimate goal. Your successes (and failures) are your own. Enjoy your successes. Learn from your failures.

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